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Gesundheit und Schönheit aus dem Meer

The gentle medicine of the future comes from the "blue pharmacy"


Thalassotherapy has a long history and is an experience-rich type of treatment. For thousands of years, the power of the ocean has served to heal and improve the general condition. Thalassotherapy, i.e. Thalassa - the sea and Therapeia - the healing, began its path through bath therapy and is thus the oldest child of medicine.

In the 20th century, the possibilities of thalassotherapy were remembered again, and a number of excellent centres were created in which classic thalassotherapy was returned to the public.

This always includes bathing in the sea (hence the name) and climatotherapy with its possibilities of absorbing marine minerals in the finest fogged form via the respiratory tract.

While classical thalassotherapy is a purely medical discipline, the thalassotherapy of the future can only develop in commonality between doctors, therapists, climate and weather experts, chemists, physicists, balneologists, nutritionists, etc.

If a "real thalassotherapy" is used, then in addition to the classic areas of bathing and respiratory therapy, all other contents of the sea belong to it: plankton, marine plants, algae, marine sediments, silt. But not only the bathing and the packs have to be considered, but also the internal applications are becoming increasingly necessary in order to achieve a long-lasting result.


The results of thalassotherapy are often very easy, very fast and very efficient to achieve and the effect is often long-lasting.

But we should remember that the result can be prolonged by the post-treatment, i.e. life hygiene, nutrition, reduction of stress, correction of bad habits, etc. For this purpose, care with products for home treatment or further care in a center in the interior is indispensable.

Even if the therapy by the sea brings the better results, we must also take into account that the possibility of drug extraction today also offers optimal possibilities of treatment far away from the sea.


First and foremost are seaweeds with their wide range of applications.

Algae provide 60% of the Earth's oxygen. These synthesizing plants live up to a depth of 150 m and more.

Algae are ahead of us humans, animals and fish that they have an outer membrane that only absorbs nutrients they need to live. Foreign substances are rejected – the cell skin resembles a customs officer From time immemorial to the present day, cells have been able to develop in this way because they have repeatedly adapted to the environment. Old and new cell building blocks fuse into complex living organisms with the ability to store all information during the evolutionary phase. Thus, the necessary building blocks were found in every stage of development of the cell, and this is still true today.

Algae are the ancestors of plants and are among the first life forms of our planet. Thus, they can achieve the high nutrient density of up to 90 elements, 1,000 to 10,000 times they store the nutrients from the seawater. In addition, the nutrients are colloidally bound, i.e. distributed ultra-microscopically and can thus be easily assimilated through food.

Plant-bound substances are more easily absorbed by the body via the intestinal mucosa, while fiber is also supplied. We are constantly on the lookout for active ingredients that should protect us from the risk bundle of civilization diseases and environmental damage.

The mean analysis of algae shows a content of 11 minerals, 30 trace elements, 11 vitamins, 19 amino acids, phytohormones, complex carbohydrates, anthocyanins.

Each type of algae has its species-specific composition, so we know algae, such as the Lithothamnion algae with a content of about 30% calcium, which is 91% biodisponibel, i.e. biologically usable. The Rhodymenia algae is a valuable source of iron, the Fucus algae and Laminaries provide us with the valuable iodine. The Wakamé is an antidotum against smoke and helps, among other things, to regulate high blood pressure. Nori algae are valued as antioxidants because of their high content of S.P.D. (SuperPhycoDismutase). 

We continuously consume our physical reserves through too rich food (too fat and too sweet), alcohol, too little exercise or exaggerated sports, fast food, etc. and immediately expect the next miracle of treatment from the doctor.


Drawing the healing power of the sea from the natural source


There is only one basic medicine that is almost free of unnatural chemicals, the organically produced food. But where and how do we find them? There is certainly a possible support against diseases:

The remedy of causes as opposed to symptom treatment. Symptoms are often suppressed by chemical means, one speaks of "healing", which is not always true or only for a certain time!

What folk medicine teaches us to draw from the healing power of the sea is now proven by the most accurate analyses and studies.

Seawater, plankton, natural sea salt, powerful sediments from the seabed, mud, silt and the algae that can be used in different ways are a natural source of food and nutrient supplements and preparations for care with amazing results for function-impaired systems of our body.

The choice of algae and the right preparation are important prerequisites for functional, individualized use.

Today, new technologies and scientific findings enable us to obtain special molecules that guarantee optimal use in the care and health of the organism.


The gentle medicine of the future from the "blue pharmacy"

The health therapy of the future will largely come from the sea, not only as thalassotherapy and gourmet menu made from eating algae or sophisticated cosmetics that allow individualized treatment and care. Already today, the focus is on the effect on general mood disorders, fatigue syndrome, listlessness, support of drug therapies for intestinal diseases, severe skin problems, the entire rheumatic complex, hair loss and many so-called civilization diseases.


An unimaginable amount in an enormous variety, from tiny micrometer cells up to 60 meters in diameter and macroalgae reaching over 100 m, offer a potential that can hardly be estimated. From millennia of experience in folk medicine, over centuries of successful application in gentle medicine and early pharmaceutical industry, researchers now also work in biotechnology, biochemistry, etc.

No water other than seawater has a direct biodisponible form of minerals that are absorbed by the body both through the respiratory tract, through the skin and through the oral route.

The seaweed, with its content of marine minerals up to a concentration of 10,000 times, allows to guarantee the mineral supply with small amounts, since they also provide an ideal bio-logical basis with the composition related to our blood.

A more ideal support than the "real thalassotherapy" carried out by the sea, one can not wish for. Not a day should pass without health care, i.e. algae on the plate, as a nutrient supplement, as a bath, pack or rub, as an envelope, ionization (local infiltration) or massage, etc. – and of course thalassotherapy by the sea.


The sea – our "blue future"

Seaweed our "green future".


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Methode Thalasso Plus
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